CNBC Ranks David Vaughan Investments No. 33 out of Top 100 Financial Advisory Firms

David Vaughan |

David Vaughan Investments, LLC (DVI) is pleased to announce that CNBC has ranked our firm 33rd out of the top 100 Registered Investment Advisory (RIA) firms. Annually, CNBC publishes their “FA 100” list, which ranks advisory firms across the nation that provide comprehensive planning and financial services. CNBC stated that the intent of the FA 100 list is to highlight various factors that an investor should consider when hiring a financial advisory firm, such as fiduciary responsibility, range of services, investment strategy and compensation.

The analysis started with an initial list of 37,369 RIA firms. The ranking methodology considered many factors, such as number of years in the business, number of employees, disclosures, ratio of investment advisors to total number of employees, total assets under management, percentage of discretionary assets under management and total accounts under management. CNBC also applied weighted categories to further refine and rank each firm.

Will Williams, DVI’s President and CEO remarked, “The DNA of our firm is that we rarely seek out public recognition for achieving certain industry milestones. Nonetheless, it is gratifying that CNBC identified DVI as one of the top investment advisory firms in the country utilizing an objective, fact-based selection criteria. Success for DVI has always been defined by our valued clients achieving their financial goals and objectives; that is our primary focus and that will never change. Along the way however, if it appears we are achieving best-in-class outcomes, all the better!”


This rating is not indicative of DVI's future performance. The analysis for the CNBC FA 100 rating was conducted by CNBC with the assistance of AccuPoint Solutions, and neither the participating firms nor their employees pay a fee in exchange for inclusion in it. For more information regarding the CNBC FA 100, including the methodology and how the firms were selected, visit

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