We Work for Business Builders Because We Are Business Builders

The path to peace of mind was paved through our own experience of building our business from the ground up and navigating the complexities that come with success. Starting from nothing and growing DVI into a strategic wealth advisory firm with over $4.5B in assets under advisement took investment, risk and sweat equity. Our leadership team lived it and that is why they are involved in every aspect of our client work still today.

Our Firm’s Foundational Principal: Risk Management

DVI was founded as a fiduciary, so we are legally and ethically bound to always put our clients’ interests before or own. Since day one, and now four decades later, risk management is a foundational element that continues to be in our clients’ best interest and delivers attractive returns in virtually all market conditions. Here’s why risk management works: It takes the emotion out of investing by adding a dimension of structure and discipline, it minimizes the impact of downcycles keeping investors in the market during tough times ready to capitalize on future upturns, and it keeps clients from being overly aggressive during peak times so they are less apt to succumb to the whims of the market.

Trust Is The Most Important Asset We Build

Paramount to peace of mind is trust, and trust is at the heart of the relationships we build with our clients. Unlike investment companies that are simply transactional, DVI is a life partner. We are there for our clients when businesses are being built and when they are sold, when children are born and when they go off to college, when wealth is accumulating and when it is distributed. We help our clients give back to communities and plan ahead for a prosperous future for their families. The trusting relationships we build with our clients make our work incredibly rewarding. It helps our clients sleep at night and live out their dreams each day.

Is DVI Right for You?

Over the years, we have worked with many clients with varied and diverse financial needs. However, we feel we are the best fit for clients who are: Financially conservative, Looking to preserve and increase wealth, Relationship driven not transaction oriented, Long-term focused with prudent risk management, Willing to entrust DVI with investment decisions while still engaging in the overall strategy, and Willing to pay reasonable fees for professional services.

Get to Know the People of DVI

Fiduciary from the Start

Our founder, David Vaughan, created DVI over 45 years ago with an instinctive fiduciary mindset. He wanted to help his neighbors and community members grow and protect the financial success they had achieved in their lives. By building trust, he built a business that has grown in size and services. Today, we carry David's legacy forward with more comprehensive offerings to serve the ever-changing needs of our clients in Central IL and Central FL.

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