Financial planning can be confusing. Those operating on a more complex and diverse financial landscape require specialized assistance from financial planning experts with knowledge of more complicated investment and protection strategies. David Vaughan Investments provides our clients with seasoned Complex Financial Planning services for a variety of specialized or unique scenarios. 

Who can benefit from Complex Financial Planning? Our clients utilizing these services include: 

  • High-Net-Worth Families with Unique Dynamics
  • Businesses 
  • Foundations & Endowments with Investments 
  • Companies with Pension Plans 

DVI financial planning and investment advisors know how to build portfolios with lower volatility and better peace of mind for your complex financial situations. Contact us today to learn more. 


DVI Financial Planning for Complex Personal, Business or Non-Profit Entities 

Every business, foundation, educational institution, high-net-worth family or other large entity needs sound financial planning to ensure the security and growth of its assets. DVI financial planning specialists are well-versed in the various strategies and tools to help all manner of complex financial entities prepare for a bright future. 

What does DVI offer our complex financial planning clients? 

  • A team of experts from multiple disciplines that design and implement sophisticated planning solutions
  • Specialized investment planning that anticipates challenges and optimizes advantages 
  • Coordinated tax planning to minimize tax burdens and safeguard wealth 
  • Estate and philanthropy planning to ensure a secure future for your estate assets and beneficiaries 
  • Business planning to protect your interests and prepare for sale, retirement and more 
  • Management and regular reporting that includes cash flow, asset allocation, tax projections, retirement income or investment performance, rebalancing, portfolio performance and more 
  • Collaboration with others in your financial management team to ensure seamless cooperation, information sharing and united efforts to meet your goals 

Trust the team of seasoned experts at DVI to handle the most complex financial planning challenges for you. 

Schedule a consultation with us to review your needs and how we can help, and discover for yourself why we have been rated by CNBC as one of the Top 100 Financial Advisory Firms in the Nation for 2019, 2020, 2021 and 2022.