How is your financial portfolio currently performing? Many claim that financial portfolio management is both art and science – a combination of the best information with intuitive market moves. David Vaughan Investments views Financial Portfolio Management as a hallmark of our top-tier comprehensive financial services that manage your wealth and protect what you have worked so hard to achieve. 

Our team of investment advisors and specialists have a vast store of knowledge and expertise in portfolio building, management, asset allocation, diversification, rebalancing and other effective strategies to help you meet your long-term financial objectives. If your portfolio should be performing better, or if you have handled your own portfolio management until now, contact DVI to learn more about how we can better manage your portfolio.


What is Involved in Financial Portfolio Management? 

Effective financial portfolio management involves building and overseeing your assets to mitigate risk and grow returns to meet your overall financial objectives. This can include: 

  • Acquiring and liquidating assets to improve portfolio performance 
  • Adopting appropriate strategies for pursuing profits and preserving capital
  • Establishing clear long-term goals for security and growth
  • Staying current on IRS and other tax legislation changes and their impact on client investments
  • Constantly monitoring and evaluating risk factors and implementing measures to mitigate risk 
  • Studying potential investment options that could benefit our clients 

When you need a financial advisor to help you manage your portfolio assets and performance, David Vaughan Investments has the specialist team to provide solid guidance and proven results. Regardless of the type, amount or composition of your asset portfolio, DVI excels at managing every phase of the wealth lifecycle. Partner with us for financial portfolio management and spend more of your time on the things that matter most to you. 


DVI Financial Advisors Offer Strategic Advice and Deep Expertise

Navigating the complex landscape of investing and financial management for your high-net-worth family, business, non-profit, foundation or other entity is a full-time job. Miscalculations or ill-timed moves in the market can bring losses and other complications. Misunderstanding tax laws can cost your business in resources and reputation. Managing your complex financial portfolio is too important to leave to amateurs, or to handle yourself without adequate knowledge and expertise. 

Since 1977, individuals, families and high-performing institutions have trusted DVI to offer strategic advice and deep expertise to protect their assets while positioning them for the greatest possible growth and stability. CNBC has chosen DVI as one of the Top 100 Financial Advisory Firms in the Nation for 2019, 2020, 2021 and 2022 in the vital areas of fiduciary responsibility, investment strategy, compensation and our range of professional services. 

Contact David Vaughan Investments to learn more about our Financial Portfolio Management services. We can schedule a consultation to discuss your financial picture, goals, struggles and wishes and help you build wealth.