With every potential return there is an element of risk. Every investment carries some degree of risk, from stocks and treasury bills to equities in an emerging market or real estate properties. David Vaughan Investments works with our clients to understand and quantify different risks so we can balance the opportunities, trade-offs, costs and possible rates of return for each of your investments. Then we can create diverse investment approaches that meet your needs and goals. 


Mitigating Risk for a Greater Reward 

DVI views our financial risk management services as an integral part of your overall wealth and investment management. Our specialists work hard to minimize your exposure to risk while maximizing your potential returns. Our process follows this basic strategy: 

  • Identifying risks
  • Measuring identified risks
  • Evaluating possible solutions for your risks 
  • Developing a strategy to mitigate or avoid risks
  • Implementing steps and financial instruments to avoid risks or reduce the effects of any remaining risks 

Acceptable risks will differ from one business, entity, or organization to the next, which requires a completely tailored approach to financial risk management for every client. Our team of specialists at DVI use proven strategies like asset allocation, portfolio diversification, and position sizing to help us protect clients’ assets and investment future. 

Combined with other protection strategies and up-to-date financial information concerning markets, opportunities, your assets, legal ramifications, tax implications and other factors, DVI creates and oversees the most effective risk management plans possible to secure your financial standing and future. 


Balancing Risk and Return

Financial risk management is a knowledge-driven process of balancing risk and returns for your portfolio. Your unique level of allowable volatility depends on your tolerance for risk, or how much tolerance your investments and objectives will allow. This can be a tricky balance to achieve, and missteps made from lack of understanding or poor timing can have negative impacts on your portfolio performance and security. 

DVI’s team of specialists research, evaluate and absorb all the information relevant to our client’s investments and investment goals. We monitor market changes and other factors in real-time so we can advise you of the latest opportunities while providing you with extensive information available on which to base your investment decisions. 

While risk may be an inevitable part of investing, it doesn’t have to be scary. Properly managed, reduced, and avoided where possible, risk can be used as an indicator to assist your financial planning and investment management team in guiding your portfolio strategy.

Contact the financial risk management experts at David Vaughan Investments today and learn more about how we can create a unique and flexible risk management strategy to help secure and grow your investment portfolio for the long haul.