Unlock your wealth’s potential with a dedicated team of financial advisors and portfolio managers in Orlando, Florida. David Vaughan Investments is your seasoned team of financial professionals with more than $4 billion in assets currently under advisement. Our talented and skilled team of professionals brings an incredible range of knowledge and expertise into play, so your investment portfolio is more secure and profitable. 


Trusted Financial Advisors and Managers in Orlando, FL

How is your asset portfolio performing? Partner with the trusted financial advisors and managers at DVI in Orlando, FL for sound advice, superior industry knowledge, up-to-date market insights and reliable portfolio management. Our team specializes in securing the futures of high-net-value individuals and organizations like:  

  • High-net-worth families 
  • High-performing businesses 
  • Private foundations or endowments 
  • Persons or entities with numerous real estate holdings 
  • Educational institutions with endowments 
  • Companies with pension plans 
  • Other entities with large numbers of assets 

Families, businesses and other stakeholders with numerous valuable assets in Orlando, FL have access to top-tier financial advice and wealth management services they need to protect their portfolios and their future. Contact our Orlando office at 399 Carolina Avenue, Suite 110 at 800-332-5944 or complete the online contact form to schedule your confidential consultation. 


DVI Financial Services in Central Florida

For over 20 years, DVI has offered professional and reliable financial services for individuals and organizations in Orlando and all across Central Florida. Numerous retirees, companies and other organizations trust us when they need help building and managing investment and wealth strategies.

Our highly-valued and sought-after services include: 

  • Investment Management – We build investment strategies and grow portfolios from the bottom up, meeting the most complex needs of our investor clients. 
  • Complex Financial Planning – DVI financial planning and investment advisors know how to build portfolios that enjoy consistent returns, lower volatility and better peace of mind for even the most complex financial situations.
  • Financial Risk Management – We work to understand and quantify different risks so we can balance the opportunities, trade-offs, costs and possible rates of return for each of your investments. Then we can create the best diverse investment approaches that meet your needs and goals.
  • Financial Portfolio Management – DVI specializes in effective financial portfolio management that builds and oversees your assets to mitigate risk and improve returns to meet all your overall financial objectives.

Call or contact our Orlando, Florida, office today and schedule a consultation with a member of our talented team.