David Vaughan Investments is the team of business professionals you turn to when you need a financial advisor near to handle Investment Management for your individual or business holdings. Since 1977, we have built investment strategies and grown portfolios from the bottom up, meeting the most complex needs of our investor clients. 

Following the pattern of our founder David Vaughan, we build our success on your trust, earning that trust through a reliable fiduciary relationship that seeks to grow your assets and protect them for the long haul. 


What is Investment Management?

Investment management involves each facet of handling your financial assets and other investments. This can include creating investment strategies, financial planning, budgeting, banking, tax services and more by our esteemed team of financial advisors and managers. 

Our team provides:

  • Professional Market and Portfolio Analysis
  • Full-time Diligence
  • Protection Strategies for Down Times

We focus on both short-term and long-term strategies to manage your investment holdings, to help your wealth portfolio grow while remaining healthy and secure. Contact us today for proven expertise to help you grow your wealth and manage your assets for the years to come. 


What Can A DVI Investment Advisor & Manager Do for Me? 

Our talented and skilled investment advisors at DVI manage your complete investment portfolio, from reviewing your assets and goals to crafting and carrying out strategies to build your wealth, all while preserving the downside. 

Assess Your Financial Goals and Potential Risks

Investment management includes learning your financial goals and determining the inherent risks to reaching those goals. We consider how much you wish to invest, how much return you seek, when you may need to access to your assets and how much you can risk losing. DVI investment management specialists know how to assess all the factors involved so we can create the best wealth management and growth plan for your needs and goals. 

Monitor Potential Investment Opportunities

DVI also keeps tabs on any available investment opportunities that may have great potential for your portfolio. We can handle investments with cash, bonds, stocks, and more. Our team is constantly vigilant to learn about possible investments while calculating their possible risks and returns, and how these potential investments can gain you advantages. 

Build Investment Strategies

DVI investment advisors work closely with every client to create a portfolio of investments that match your goals. We can help you create diverse portfolio, with investments spread across many different assets, to reduce risk and provide a sound return for long-term growth and stability. 

Contact us at David Vaughan Investments to learn more about our investment management services and how our skilled and experienced investment advisors can help you build a more secure future.